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Intense pink verbena

Intense pink verbena

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The intense pink Verbena canadensis for sale in a 14 cm pot is a variant of Verbena canadensis with vibrant and intense pink flowers. The Verbena canadensis plant has a ground cover or creeping growth, with prostrate stems bearing lanceolate leaves. The flowers are the distinctive feature, and in the intense pink variant. They can be arranged in racemes or panicles emerging from the green foliage. Verbena canadensis leaves are usually medium green in color, often toothed or serrated, with an elongated shape. This variety of Verbena is known for its ability to form flowering carpets and expand vigorously. It prefers a sunny position and well-drained soil. Deep pink Verbena canadensis is commonly grown for ornamental purposes, adding color and vibrancy to gardens, flower beds or containers. It can be used to cover the ground or to embellish garden borders. Generally, Verbena canadensis is considered a hardy and easy to grow plant. Removing spent flowers can promote continued flowering. Verbena is generally known to attract butterflies and other pollinators, thus contributing to the garden's ecosystem.

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