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Sale of Perennial Herbaceous Plants. Perennial plants online sale.

Perennial plants online sale. Vibrant herbaceous perennials for sale online. Selling plants... 

Salvia da Fiore. Ornamental salvia online sale

  Il Lavandeto Di Assisi produces flowering sage or perennial ornamental sage,... 

Ornamental shrubs

Sale of ornamental shrubs; they are indispensable perennial plants in your gardens... 

Cataloghi piante vendita online

Lavender. Our lavender varieties

Our nursery specializes in the production of many varieties of lavender. We... 

Ornamental grasses online sale. Sale of grasses online.

Production and direct sale of ornamental grasses. Grasses for sale online. Ornamental... 

  • Progetti giardini gratuiti, progetti aiuole gratuiti, progetti giardini online, progettazione giardini

    You can immediately order a plant kit to create a flowerbed of various sizes.

    The plants we offer are all low-maintenance perennials with low water requirements, with very long flowering periods: lavenders, flowering salvias, grasses, lively perennials, aromatic plants. The plants will arrive with the names and the project numbered and it will be very simple if you want to reproduce the project.

    Look at our proposals . Complete flowerbed plant kit

    For info 329 3332609

Progetti_aiuole_e_giardini_online, progettazione giardini gratis, come realizzare un' aiuola con piante perenni, idee per realizzare un aiuola al sole

Online garden and flowerbed projects

Send a photo to lavandeto@gmail.com from 20 August 2023 to 31 October 2023 and we will create a free, no-obligation project for you, with Mediterranean plants and flowers with little water and care requirements. In fact, our nursery produces many low maintenance plants: Sale of lavender plants, sale of lively herbaceous perennials, sale of flowering salvias, sale of ornamental grasses, sale of aquatic plants and water lilies. We will be using lots of plants from our collections of unusual plants, which we experiment with in our gardens in Assisi. If you decide to buy the plants we will send you the rendering and the numbered pots to make your own flowerbed. Call for more info 329 3332609

Eventi Assisi primavera, manifestazioni aprile e maggio Umbria, cosa fare ad Assisi il 25 aprile

Festa di primavera e del giardino

Festa di primavera e del giardino aprile e maggio 2024

Mostra mercato delle produzioni florovivaistiche e dei prodotti alla lavanda del Il Lavandeto Di Assisi.

20-21 aprile 25-26-27-28-29-30 aprile e 1 maggio 2024

Festa_della_lavanda_2024 Picnic lavanda

Lavender Festival

Lavender Festival June and July 2024 We look forward to seeing you at the fourteenth edition of our LAVENDER FESTIVAL. Three hectares of lavender fields with rows of purple, white, pink, blue with the wonderful backdrop of Assisi. The Lavender Flowering Festival takes place on the weekend, entry is free. Even on weekdays it will be possible to visit the lavender fields but there will be an entrance fee of 5.00 euros.

  • Giardino con laghetto ornamentale. Laghetto con ninfee

    In our gardens you can discover many unusual plants that you can buy in our nursery

    In our gardens you can organize birthday parties and other events. Attend the Lavender Festival in June and July, the Spring and Garden Festival in April and May, and the Sage Festival in October. The garden is also open to groups and organized trips by appointment and is also a tourist and naturalistic itinerary for school educational trips.



Our private holiday apartment in Costano di Bastia Umbra

Our family's apartment is ideal for visiting Assisi and Umbria. It is located in Costano di Bastia Umbra, 7 km from the Lavandeto of Assisi and can accommodate up to 6 people. Visit the website of our holiday apartment