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Il Lavandeto Di Assisi

Blue/purple short dried lavender bunches Number 2 bunches

Blue/purple short dried lavender bunches Number 2 bunches

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For sale dark purple dried lavender bouquets, they are decorative compositions made with dried lavender flowers. Lavender is a plant known for its relaxing scent and aromatic properties, and is often used in various forms, including dried for creating decorative bouquets. Purple dried lavender bunches feature short stems that hold clusters of dried lavender flowers. The flowers are a deep purple color and retain their shape and texture even after the drying process. Purple is the predominant color, giving an elegant and calming look to the deck. The shade of purple may vary slightly depending on the variety of lavender used. These dried lavender bouquets are ideal for decorating interior spaces, such as living rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms. They can be placed in vases or hung upside down to create a more rustic look.

To revive the scent you need to use the essential oil in the flowers.


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Festa di primavera e del giardino 20/21 25/26/27/28/29/30/ aprile e 01 maggio 2024

 Festa della lavanda 2024

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Lavender Festival 15/16 22/23 29/30 June and 6/7 July 2024

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Maria Antonella Loricchio

Tutto perfetto

Cristina Drago

I prodotti vengono spediti puntualmente e arrivano perfetti, anche le piante, amo la lavanda e il suo profumo pervade la mia casa.