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White verbena

White verbena

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White Verbena canadensis in 14cm pot is a species of Verbena native to North America and is known for its resistance and ability to attract butterflies and other pollinators. The "white" variety of Verbena canadensis has pure white flowers. Verbena canadensis is a perennial herbaceous plant with erect or creeping stems that forms dense bushes. The white variety has white flowers that stand out against the green foliage. The flowers of the white Verbena canadensis are small, gathered in dense racemes or panicles. The white coloring of the flowers adds brightness to the garden. The leaves are lanceolate, toothed or serrated, with a medium green shade. They can be aromatic, releasing a light scent when rubbed. This Verbena species is known for its hardiness and heat tolerance. It grows well in full sun and is suitable for various types of well-drained soil. White Verbena canadensis is commonly grown as an ornamental plant in gardens, flowerbeds and borders. Due to its ability to attract pollinators, it is a popular choice for those wanting to promote biodiversity in the garden. Verbena canadensis is easy to grow and requires moderate maintenance. Cutting back faded flowers can encourage continued flowering.

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