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Il Lavandeto Di Assisi

Rosemary repens

Rosemary repens

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Repens rosemary for sale in pots 18 and 14 is a trailing perennial plant with small linear and aromatic leaves. Its main feature is drooping growth, making it ideal for use as a ground cover or in hanging pots. Like other rosemary varieties, it produces small blue flowers during the flowering season. Rosemary is known for its distinctive aroma, which is earthy, woody and aromatic. The odor from the leaves is released when they are rubbed or crushed. Rosemary is an aromatic herb widely used in cooking to add flavor to dishes such as meats, fish, potatoes and vegetables. Its trailing variety may be particularly suitable for planting in container gardens or hanging pots. Rosemary prefers well-drained and sunny soil. It is a drought-tolerant plant and requires little maintenance once established. Occasional pruning can help maintain a compact shape and stimulate denser growth. In addition to its use in cooking, rosemary is known to have beneficial properties. Rosemary is perennial and can be grown year-round in temperate climates.

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MICHELA Cascioli

Tutto perfetto

filomena forestieri
Venditore molto serio

E' stato un piacere fare affari con voi. Consigliati !!

Grazie mille a lei per aver acquistato da noi.
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