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Il Lavandeto Di Assisi

Corded bridge

Corded bridge

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Pontederia cordata, commonly known as pickerelweed or heart-shaped pontederia, is an aquatic perennial plant native to the Americas. The leaves are bright dark green. They are arranged along the stems in opposite ways. The flowers are characteristic and can be blue in colour. The flowers are collected in elongated spikes that emerge above the foliage. Pontederia cordata grows in humid habitats, preferring ponds, lakes, and places with still or slowly flowing water. It has an upright habit that emerges from the water, and can grow up to a meter tall or more.

Flowering occurs in summer.

Pontederia cordata is often grown as an ornamental plant in water gardens or humid areas. Its dense growth and heart-shaped leaves provide an ideal haven for small fish and aquatic invertebrates.

It prefers full sunlight.

It is suitable for aquatic environments and can grow in shallow water or moist soil.

It can also propagate through seeds or through the division of rhizomes.

Bare root plant

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Stefano Dolce

Bellime piante sicuramente appena fioriscono saranno fantastiche