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Phlox Subulata ground cover fuchsia flowers

Phlox Subulata ground cover fuchsia flowers

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The Phlox subulata for sale in a 14 cm pot, commonly known as creeping Phlox, is a perennial ground cover plant appreciated for its carpets of flowers during spring. The leaves are thin and needle-shaped. The foliage is dark green. The main feature is the flowers, which bloom in abundance during spring and are fuchsia in colour. The flowers form dense floral carpets on the plant. Phlox subulata has a ground cover habit and spreads laterally, forming flowering carpets that can be very attractive.

It prefers sunny positions, but can tolerate light shade. It adapts well to well-drained soil and can tolerate poor soil conditions.

It is commonly used as a ground cover in rock gardens, flower beds or as a border. Its ability to form flowering carpets makes it ideal for creating captivating visual effects.

It is hardy and can thrive in a variety of climates. Requires regular watering, but does not tolerate excessively wet soil. It can be pruned lightly after flowering to stimulate new growth and keep it more compact.

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