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Miscanthus Sinensis Adagio

Miscanthus Sinensis Adagio

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Sale Miscanthus sinensis 'Adagio' in 18 cm pot, is a variety of grass belonging to the Poaceae family. 'Adagio' is a variety of Miscanthus sinensis that is compact in size, usually reaching a height of around 90-120cm.

The leaves are narrow and lanceolate, dark green in color. They may have a light white or silver veining along the edge, adding a decorative touch to the foliage. During the summer, this variety produces light, feathery flower panicles that emerge from the foliage. 'Adagio' is known for its compact shape and elegant appearance, making it suitable for both formal and informal gardens. It is often used as a border plant, in pots or as a focal point in landscape gardens. This variety of Miscanthus sinensis is generally hardy and requires little maintenance. It is suitable for temperate climates and grows well in full sun. During autumn, the foliage of 'Adagio' can take on shades of orange, bronze and red, contributing to an autumnal atmosphere in the garden. The plant can maintain its interest even through the winter, as the dried foliage can persist, providing structure to the winter landscape.

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