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Il Lavandeto Di Assisi



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Peppermint for sale in a 14 cm pot, scientifically known as Mentha x piperita, is one of the most popular and widely used mint varieties in the world. Peppermint is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows to a height of about 30-90 centimetres. It has erect and branched stems covered by oval or lanceolate leaves. Peppermint leaves are dark green and have serrated edges. They are arranged oppositely along the stems and are covered with small hairs which give them a slightly velvety texture. Peppermint flowers are small and pink-lilac or pale purple in color. They are gathered in terminal ears and appear during the summer. These flowers are attractive to pollinating insects. Peppermint is known for its very intense fresh and minty aroma. Its flavor is equally strong and has a pleasant minty freshness that can leave a cold sensation in the mouth. Peppermint is used in cooking to flavor a variety of dishes, including desserts, cocktails, teas, salads, and meat dishes. It is a key ingredient in the preparation of the famous "mint tea" of North Africa. Peppermint grows well in well-drained, sunny or partially shaded soil. However, it is known for its tendency to become invasive and spread quickly, so it is often grown in containers or areas where it can be contained.

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