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Bergamot mint

Bergamot mint

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Sale Bergamot mint in 14 cm pot, is a variety of mint with a distinctive aroma of bergamot, similar to the aroma of the citrus bergamot. Bergamot mint is an aromatic perennial plant that usually grows to a height of between 30 and 60 centimetres. It has erect and branched stems covered by oval or lanceolate leaves.

The leaves of bergamot mint are dark green in color and have a wrinkled texture. They are dotted with small glands that release the distinctive bergamot aroma when rubbed between the fingers.

Bergamot mint flowers are small and grow in terminal spikes. They are pink-lilac in color and can appear during spring and summer. They are very attractive to bees and pollinating insects.

The aroma of bergamot mint is remarkably similar to the aroma of bergamot citrus, with fresh citrus and slightly floral notes. Its flavor is more delicate than peppermint, but still has a pleasant citrus freshness.

Bergamot mint is used in cooking to flavor teas, salads, drinks, desserts and fruit dishes. Fresh or dried leaves are often used to make refreshing drinks.

Like other mint varieties, bergamot mint is used for medicinal purposes to relieve digestive problems, headaches, and cold symptoms. Its aroma can also have calming and relaxing effects.

Bergamot mint is a hardy plant that grows well in well-drained, sunny or partially shaded soil. However, it is important to note that bergamot mint can be invasive and can spread quickly in the garden. Many people grow it in pots or containers to contain its growth.

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