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Il Lavandeto Di Assisi

Bag perfumes pig linen

Bag perfumes pig linen

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Lucky pig stuffed with lavender flowers.

The bag is made of fabric, its shape is that of a pig, it is carefully sewn to contain the lavender inside. Inside the bag, there is a filling of dried lavender flowers. Lavender is an aromatic plant with a relaxing and delicate scent. The lavender flowers are picked, dried and then placed in the bag to spread their aroma. The lavender scented bag is designed to perfume the environment in which it is placed. Lavender has relaxing aromatic properties and is often used to perfume wardrobes, drawers, bedrooms and other domestic spaces. To use the scented bag, simply place it in the desired spaces, such as the wardrobe or bedside table. The lavender will gradually release its aroma, keeping the environment fresh and fragrant. In addition to its aromatic function, the bag can be considered a decorative object. The cute shape of the animal adds a touch of sweetness and personality to the room in which it is placed. Over time, the aroma of lavender may diminish. However, you can renew the scent by gently shaking the bag or lightly crushing the lavender flowers inside to release their aroma again.

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