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Il Lavandeto Di Assisi



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Marjoram for sale in a 14 cm pot is an aromatic perennial plant native to the Mediterranean regions, appreciated for its flavor and delicate aroma. Marjoram is an aromatic plant that grows to a height of approximately 30-60 centimetres. It has thin, branched stems with opposite, oval, green-grey leaves. Marjoram flowers are small and can range from white to pale pink or purple, depending on the variety. They are gathered in small terminal inflorescences and flower during the summer. Marjoram has a delicate, slightly sweet aroma and taste, with notes of pine and citrus. Its flavor is similar to a combination of thyme and oregano, but more delicate. Marjoram is an aromatic plant widely used in cooking to flavor a variety of dishes. It pairs well with meat, fish, vegetables, soups, sauces and legume-based dishes. It is a key ingredient in the preparation of "bouquet" or "bouquet garni" in French cuisine. Marjoram is a hardy plant that grows well in well-drained, sunny soil. It can be grown in gardens, pots or balconies. In colder climates, it is often grown as an annual, while in warmer climates it can become a perennial.

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