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English Toothed Lavender 'Candicans'

English Toothed Lavender 'Candicans'

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For sale English toothed lavender "Candicans" in 14cm pot, is a fascinating variety of lavender, with some distinctive characteristics that make it an exceptional choice for gardeners and aromatic plant enthusiasts.

'Candicans' is distinguished by its serrated, silver leaves, which create a charming contrast with the light blue-purple flowers that bloom in long spike spikes. The toothed shape of the leaves is a distinctive feature of this lavender variety, adding a decorative element to the garden even when not in bloom. Its flowering period goes from April to October. One of the main attractions of this lavender is its scent. The leaves, as well as the flowers, give off a fresh and aromatic aroma that is typical of lavender plants. This perfume is known for its calming and relaxing properties. From a cultivation perspective, 'Candicans' is a hardy plant that thrives in temperate, sunny climates. It is a variety suitable for both gardens and pots, where it can be grown as an ornamental plant or for aromatic use. It requires well-drained soil and does not like excessive humidity, so it is important to avoid waterlogging.

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