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Officinal hyssop

Officinal hyssop

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Hyssop, 14 cm pot, is an aromatic and medicinal plant that belongs to the Lamiaceae family. It is known scientifically as Hyssopus officinalis and is native to the Mediterranean regions of southern Europe and western Asia.

Hyssop is a perennial herbaceous plant that can grow to a height of about 30-60 centimeters.

Hyssop leaves are small, linear and dark green in color. They are arranged oppositely along the stem and may have a light fuzz.

Hyssop commonly grows in rocky, arid, limestone soils.

It is a drought-tolerant plant and thrives in warm, sunny climates.

Hyssop is known for its aromatic and medicinal properties. The leaves and flowers of this plant are used in cooking as an aromatic herb to flavor dishes such as soups, stews, meat and fish.

It is also used to prepare herbal teas and infusions, as it has digestive properties and can contribute to the relief of sore throats and coughs.

Additionally, hyssop essential oil is used in aromatherapy for its potential calming and stress-relieving effect.

Hyssop has traditionally been used to treat respiratory ailments such as coughs, colds and congestion.

It also has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

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