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Gaura Lindheimeri white

Gaura Lindheimeri white

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The white Gaura Lindheimeri (Gaura Lindheimeri "Whirling Butterflies") for sale in a 14 cm pot, is a perennial plant native to North America, characterized by delicate and light white flowers that look like butterflies fluttering in the wind.

This plant produces white flowers that bloom in spring and continue into summer. The flowers are small, star-shaped, and occur in clusters above the grayish green foliage. White Gaura Lindheimeri has a branching structure and produces many thin stems which give it a light and airy appearance.

This plant grows to around 60-90cm tall and wide and requires a sunny position in well-drained soil. It is an easy plant to grow and requires little care, however it requires regular watering during periods of drought.

White Gaura Lindheimeri is a very attractive ornamental plant for use in the garden or in containers. Thanks to its long flowering and drought resistance, it is perfect for Mediterranean gardens and low-maintenance landscaping. Furthermore, the flowers of white Gaura Lindheimeri are much appreciated by bees and butterflies, who are attracted by the shape of the flower and their slightly sweet scent.

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