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Il Lavandeto Di Assisi

Healing and soothing paw balm

Healing and soothing paw balm

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Lavender Paw Balm is a special product designed to care for your pet's paws in a gentle and effective way. This balm is formulated with healing and soothing ingredients, enriched with lavender essential oil, known for its calming properties.

The balm is ideal for chapped, dry or irritated paws. It promotes the healing of small wounds, cuts or abrasions on your pet's paws.

Lavender adds a note of relaxation and helps reduce irritation and discomfort.

This balm forms a protective layer on the paws to prevent further damage caused by external agents such as heat or cold and to keep the paws hydrated.

The aroma of lavender makes the conditioner pleasant for you and your pet.

This product is an ideal choice for keeping your four-legged friend's paws in excellent condition by offering them gentle and natural care.

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