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Multifid anemone 'Rubra'

Multifid anemone 'Rubra'

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Anemone multifida 'Rubra' for sale in a 16cm pot, is a variety of anemone known for its distinctive flowers and attractive foliage. 'Rubra' is part of the Ranunculaceae family. It grows to a height of between 30 and 60 centimeters. The leaves are typically lobed and deeply etched, giving them a delicate, intricate appearance. Foliage color can vary, but the 'Rubra' variety has green leaves. The flowers are the most distinctive feature of this variety. They have deep red petals that form a cup shape. Flowering occurs in spring or early summer, and the flowers can add a lively touch to the garden. It prefers positions with partial sun exposure or light shade. This type of anemone grows best in well-drained, humus-rich soil. It needs adequate irrigation, keeping the soil constantly moist, but avoiding water stagnation. The Anemone multifida 'Rubra' is suitable for perennial gardens, borders or mixed flowerbeds. After flowering, it is advisable to lightly prune the plant to stimulate the growth of new shoots and keep it tidy. It can be divided every few years to maintain the viability of the plant. Anemone multifida 'Rubra' is prized for its ornamental beauty and can be an excellent choice for those looking to add color and visual interest to their garden.

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