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Il Lavandeto Di Assisi

Fluid aftershave cream with lavender and argan

Fluid aftershave cream with lavender and argan

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Soothing and hydrating aftershave fluid cream with lavender and argan, 50 ml.

The soothing and hydrating aftershave cream for men with argan oil was formulated for today's man who is daily exposed to the stress of a hectic life and the aggression of pollution, smog, sudden changes in humidity and temperature. Its formula combines precious argan and jojoba oils which, in synergy with pomegranate and hawthorn phyto-extracts, revitalize and strengthen the skin's defenses, preventing aging and the formation of wrinkles. Fresh and absorbable emulsion, as soon as applied it erases stress from the face, strengthens and gives firmness to the skin. How to use: Apply with a light massage on cleansed skin until completely absorbed.

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