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Il Lavandeto Di Assisi



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Capperis spinosa. The caper seedling is simple to grow, however it does not tolerate stagnation, especially if associated with low temperatures. If you want to put the seedling in a wall it is advisable to plant it in early spring, if it is necessary to remove the excess soil from the hole, block the hole to prevent the soil from escaping and water it when the soil is too dry until it she will be clinging to the wall. Success is not guaranteed, as the seedling may not be able to cling to the wall. If, on the other hand, it is in pots or on the ground in areas with a climate that does not drop too much below zero (-3) it is important to add 50/60% pebbles to the soil so that when the plant is watered or receives rainwater, the soil drains immediately. The caper seedling blooms from the first year, the caper that we usually use in the kitchen is the bud that is harvested early, if instead it is left to grow the beautiful flower will blossom, followed by the fruit also used in the kitchen and if instead seeds are left from the decomposed fruit, which usually small insects and ants carry in the various holes in the wall and at this point the seedling that in some cases manages to be born will be autonomous and will not fear heat or drought or even low temperatures especially if it is sheltered from the coldest winds. In fact, some caper plants live in the center of Assisi, despite the fact that the temperature sometimes drops more than 8 degrees below zero.

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Rita Francescon

Ordine arrivato in perfette condizioni, l imballaggio era curato e estremamente disponibili nel fornire aiuto e consigli

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Spedizione velocissima e venditore disponibile.