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Il Lavandeto di Assisi produces with its own fragrant lavender, beautiful handmade lavender bags, scented bags, lavender in handcrafted bags. The lavender bags are filled exclusively with shelled lavender flower petals and produced naturally, without the use of fertilizers and other chemical substances. Our lavender flowers are a mix of over 50 varieties and are grown in our clayey and very sunny land at the foot of Assisi, the scent that emerges is unique and very particularly intense. Lavender pads and bags are ideal for scenting the house, the scent of lavender also has a beneficial effect on the mind, it is relaxing, it induces sleep therefore, lavender bags are ideal to put in the bedroom; already in past centuries lavender was placed in drawers, wardrobes and among linen.

Production and sale of lavender bags of many shapes, fun and cheerful, they are very well looked after and in addition to being used to perfume and as a moth repellent in linen drawers, they can be hung on wardrobe knobs, hung on the wall to decorate a wall, as an ornament, a doorstop, scented hanging on the outside door, etc. Our little lavender sachets in the shape of little animals, hearts, dolls, little angels, cushions, elves, Santa Claus, in addition to perfuming and decorating the house, are beautiful gift ideas for all occasions, and they are lovely gift ideas for Christmas. They are cheap Christmas thoughts, cheap Christmas gifts, which can be gifts for colleagues, gifts for friends, etc. Our lavender bags are wonderful to give as favors for boys and girls or as souvenirs of Assisi.

Our scented bags can be personalized with initials, different colors, and different fabrics. The lavender bags in the shape of a kitten, a dog, a bear, an elephant, a heart are very cute favors for births, baptisms, communions, etc. We also make religious themed wedding favors, lavender bags in the shape of a little monk, or in the shape of a nun. Our wedding favors are useful and pretty and will be kept at home by your guests for years. Favors with lavender, original ideas for favors, favors for boys, favors for girls, baptism favors, communion favors, confirmation favors, handcrafted favors. Scented favors

You can find our lavender products and our lavender creations in our shops in central Assisi, at our market exhibitions or for sale online.

Lavender bags

Lavender bags to perfume the house and linen. Scented room decorations with lavender. Original and useful Christmas gift ideas. Created in Umbria in an artisanal way by Il Lavandeto Di Assisi

Christmas gift ideas 2024. Easter gift ideas. Useful and sustainable gift ideas

Our gift ideas are wonderful for all occasions because they make the house scented in a natural and beneficial way, they are made with skill and care, handmade in Umbria.

Our lavender bags in the shape of Santa Claus, Befana di Elfo are nice and economical gifts and thoughts but at the same time they will be very welcome and appreciated, at most they will be placed in a wardrobe.

The bags are filled with lavender flowers and you just need to move and wrinkle them to release the scent for years.

Lavender has decorated and perfumed the environment for centuries. Our nursery has continued an ancient tradition, which started from the simple bag or spindle and we have created even more decorative air freshener bags that can be used throughout the home.

Lavender has been used for centuries for its beneficial properties for both the body and the mind. For our bags we only use sun-dried lavender flowers, the fields are neither fertilized nor treated with fungicide products.

Your gift will be an ethical and sustainable gift as it has not produced and will not produce pollution. It is made in Italy. Our garden fields protect and indeed improve the environment and the landscape, we also allow anyone who wishes to enjoy the beauty of the lavender fields for free during the days of the Lavender Festival. More than this!!!

Lavender bags for your drawers and for useful gifts

We make beautiful lavender bags with lilac fabrics filled with our Assisi lavender. Also sell scented sachets online. We make lavender bags in many shapes, from the classic bag to the heart-shaped bag, angel-shaped bag, kitten-shaped bag and small animal-shaped bag.

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Bomboniere Battesimo Utili, bomboniere lavanda, lavanda in sacchetti a forma di orso, di gatto, di bambola, di Angelo, bomboniere cuore con lavanda

Do you want to give an original and nice useful wedding favor?

Do you want to give a useful, economical, scented, original and nice wedding favor? We make wedding favors filled with lavender flowers in many shapes.

Useful and economical wedding favors, birth favors. Baptism favors, Communion favors, Confirmation favors, graduation favors.

All guests will be happy to receive our artisanal, handmade and highly scented wedding favors. /collections/animals-with-lavender

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Festa della lavanda. Festa della lavanda 2024. festa della lavanda in Italia, Campi di lavanda da visitare. lavanda per sacchetti, sacchetti di lavanda per bomboniere, idee per bomboniera bambina e bambino originali

Lavender bags, for ethical and natural wedding favors for girls and boys. Original gift ideas

An agricultural company has been beautifying the landscape for years, creating beauty and sharing it with all those who want it.

We grow lavender at the foot of Assisi ethically with a lot of love and work, without using chemicals. We make beautiful handcrafted bags. /collections/animals-with-lavender

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Lavender flowers shelled and collected from our fields and 100% natural lavender essential oil

Festa della lavanda, festa della lavanda Assisi, Festa della lavanda 2024, Campi di lavanda Assisi

Sage and garden festival

Sage and garden festival 30 September, 1/7/8/14/15 October 2023 In addition to the plants, you will also find our stand with many lavender sachets, hearts and scented decorations for the home. You can buy them and put them aside for future Christmas thoughts and gifts /pages/festa-delle-sage-e-del-giardino-eventi-assisi-october

Campi di lavanda in Italia. Foto nei campi di lavanda Italia. Campi di lavanda più belli Italia, lavandeto, lavandeti, il lavandeto, vedere un lavandeto in italia

Lavender Festival 2024

For 15 years now, starting from 2010, the LAVENDER FESTIVAL has been held in Castelnuovo di Assisi at the nursery/garden IL LAVANDETO DI ASSISI. The lavender festival is an event with free entry, organized and financed entirely by our nursery which supports the maintenance of the fields and the costs of organizing the event with the sale of aromatic plants, lavender plants, sage... and lavender products. The flowering will also be visible on weekdays, in this house there is a paid entrance. The lavender festival takes place in our 3-hectare garden created not only for the love for plants, and for lavender, but also for this event which attracts people from all over Italy, and allows everyone to immerse themselves in a fragrant landscape in the midst to nature and admire this beautiful spectacle: rows of pink, blue, purple, lilac and white lavender framed by the magnificent backdrop of Assisi, the birthplace of Saint Francis, a saint who infinitely loved nature. During the 4 weekends of the lavender festival: (the last 2 of June and the first 2 of July) it is also pleasant to stop in the middle of the fields and observe and photograph the flowering which will change every week. Nature lovers but also gardening enthusiasts will be able to walk freely in the ornamental sage garden, in the medicinal plant garden, admire the ponds and take part in guided tours and lavender distillation. During the Assisi lavender festival our nursery will set up the garden with the plants produced by our nursery and gardening lovers will be able to purchase the plants seen in the garden and the beautiful crafts stuffed with lavender flowers. Much awaited guests by adults and children are the donkeys and alpacas present only on some dates. This year Yoga lessons and metabolic walking with Raffaella by reservation. At the 2024 Lavender Festival event you will find two refreshment points that will cook on the spot, groups can book lunch, at the refreshment points you will find fresh drinks and artisanal ice cream with lavender and other flavors. Every Saturday and Sunday evening of the lavender festival, picnic dinner among the rows and music. You can book a picnic dinner among the rows or at our tables, starting from May 20th. The dinner will be organized by the street food in our garden. The party will last until 10pm.

Appartamento vacanza Assisi. Dove dormire ad Assisi. Appartamenti per Festa della lavanda.

Where stay? Holiday apartment in Costano 7 km from Lavandeto

Holiday apartment owned by our family. The apartment was renovated in 2023 and consists of kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and living room. Apartment for 6 people. Minimum 3 night stay. Tel 328 6482716 /pages/vacancy-apartment-ideal-per-visit-assisi-perugia-el-umbria

Campi di lavanda in Italia, Festa della lavanda 2024, Dove vedere i campi di lavanda, dove vedere la lavanda fiorita, servizi fotografici sulla lavanda

Photo by Federica Mari. Official photographer of the Lavandeto

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Idee regalo Natale, Idee regalo Natale con lavanda, Regali di Natale economici, regali di Natale originali

Handmade Christmas gift ideas full of lavender.

Lots of scented, useful and original Christmas gift ideas. Lavender bags in the shape of a nativity scene, in the shape of Santa Claus, in the shape of an elf and a Befana, for your nice and quality Christmas gifts

Christmas gift ideas.